Median and Ulnar Nerve Palsies with weakness, Left Upper Extremity

“In August 2004 I injured my left forearm, hand (and right toe) during a workout at the gym. I experienced instant pain, which I fought for six days. (The patient indicates that he went through extensive, unsuccessful treatment for the following several months.)

I was sent to Dr. George A. Macer, Jr. My first visit almost brought me to tears. The amount of concern and the professional handling of my situation were overwhelming. Dr. Macer gave me a complete outline of my situation in words that I could understand. He ordered a second appointment in which he and Dr. Ross Nathan laid out in front of me what had to be done to improve my quality of life. At no time did these doctors promise me anything other than ‘to do their best’ to help me with my hand.

I felt in such ‘good hands’ and that no matter what the outcome of my operation would be, my health was surely a concern to these two doctors. I am presently healing with no infections and no complications. I have pinch. I have thumb movement. I have grip and I am improving everyday.

I have ‘quality’ back in my life and I shall always be forever grateful for their [Dr. Macer and Dr. Nathan] dedication, trust and their obvious belief in their oath. Both these gentlemen have impressed me and they are my heroes, and I am proud and honored to know them both.”

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