Our Physicians are Medicare - Part B – also known as outpatient services contracted. If you are Medicare insured, please be informed that we will submit Part B only claims to the Medicare program on your behalf.

It is our policy to advise all Medicare patients of all possible non-covered medical services and/or durable medical goods (such as splints and braces) at all times. In the event that such non-covered services and/or goods are provided to you. If Medicare does not cover these items, please be informed that you will be responsible for paying for these non-covered items directly.

As a Medicare patient, you will be required to complete and sign multiple forms, including but not limited to the following:

  • Authorizations to pay our Physicians for your services and dispensed goods
  • Sharing of your medical and billing information with the Medicare program, as well as any other supplemental insurance plans you designate us to bill
  • To acknowledge services and/or durable medical goods that may not be covered by Medicare, known as an Advance Beneficiary Notice
  • To authorize the sharing of your medical information with other healthcare professionals involved in your medical care

Our Staff is available at any time to discuss further details about your Medicare coverage.

For additional information relating to the Medicare program, please visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website at: http://www.cms.gov/.