The Hand & Wrist Center provides diagnosis and treatment for a variety of injuries that affect the nerves in the hand and wrist.

The Hand & Wrist Center often diagnoses and treats nerve damage caused by penetrating wounds to the palmar surface. This is an important procedure at our center as nerves at the wrist and hand level provide both sensory and motor functions. Symptoms after nerve laceration include loss of sensation, motor loss, as well as pain at the site of laceration. Treatment involves surgical repair of the lacerated digital nerve. Our Center uses microsurgical techniques to optimize the repair and minimize scar. In certain situations, use of synthetic nerve tubes can be employed to bridge gaps and/or minimize scar formation about the site of the nerve repair. 

The Hand & Wrist Center is able to provide a customized and premier diagnosis and treatment experience for nerve injuries of the hand and wrist. Contact our center today for an appointment.