The Hand & Wrist Center helps our patients diagnose and treat mallet finger Injuries.

A common finger injury treated at The Hand and Wrist Center is called Mallet Finger. Some other common names are Baseball or Drooped finger. This condition results when the finger’s extensor tendon ruptures or pulls out from its base and the tip of the finger (distal joint) assumes a flexed position. If left untreated, the distal joint becomes more deformed resulting in the appearance of a “mallet.” Treatment provided by The Hand and Wrist Center usually involves providing a splint for the distal joint in full extension until healing has occurred. Occasionally, surgical treatment is beneficial when the injury is caused by a wound if there is a significant fracture fragment.

The Hand & Wrist Center is able to provide a customized and premier diagnosis and treatment experience for mallet injuries. Contact our center today for an appointment.