At The Hand & Wrist Center, it is our mission to provide every patient premier and comprehensive orthopedic hand and upper extremity care through professional expertise and courtesy. We are dedicated to providing the same attentive and professional service to every visitor. By implementing the strategic combination of the latest medical knowledge and modern technology, our goal is to provide a high-quality service every time.

Our vision is to maximize contemporary resources in order to ensure future improvement and growth of our practice.

We embrace our responsibility to provide training for various groups, including medical students, therapists, and other physicians in training. We believe that community enrichment begins with businesses like ours and that proper teaching and training is the first step toward improving the standard of living for all.

We value every patient, employee, vendor, medical and business professional, and visitor that affiliates with our practice. We acknowledge that every one of these stakeholders helps form the entity that we are, and without them we would not be The Hand & Wrist Center.