The hand is one of the most common injured sites of the body. Common injuries include fractures and ligament tears from falls, lacerations, from sharp penetrating wounds, as well as compound wounds imparted from high-energy forces; however, they may also occur from motor vehicle accidents, falls from heights, and gunshot wounds. Often times, the prognosis for recovery following hand injuries are dependent upon the initial care provided. Optimal hand and wrist (or other upper extremity) evaluation and treatment should be performed by a specialist, or someone experienced in the specific anatomy and injury. At The Hand & Wrist Center, we strive to provide emergent and urgent services to those with hand and wrist (and some other upper extremity) injuries in order to minimize complication and optimize long-term results. Our physicians provide emergency room consultations and surgeries for severe upper extremity injuries when indicated. In addition, we try to accommodate patients with acute injuries (on an outpatient basis) with urgent office consultations in order to avoid frustrating and prolonged visits at local hospital or ambulatory emergency departments.