Hand Surgery and Amputations

There are many reasons why an upper extremity may need to be amputated. Our hand doctors are the premier medical professionals in Southern California to help patients navigate this process. From consultation and diagnosis, surgical procedure, and rehabilitation, our team of experts are here to assist our patients through transition and recovery.

Our hand surgeons specialize in full and partial amputation. Depending upon the level and type of injury, replantation or revascularization may or may not be possible however, our hand doctors keep our patients’ safety and well-being in mind. The primary consideration in treating amputations involving the hand and upper extremity is the potential for functional rehabilitation. 

The Hand & Wrist Center offers intensive specialized therapy to maximize function and minimize complications for post-amputation medical procedures. Our center also supports select individuals who have sustained amputations may benefit from digital or upper extremity prosthetics. We facilitate and assist in the physical and occupational therapy process. 

If you are having to consider amputation of the hand, wrist, or lower arm, trust our office for a premier and professional medical experience.