Fractures of the hand and wrist are common injuries and are frequently treated by the hand specialists and The Hand & Wrist Center. Here are a few examples of the type of fractures our center treats:

Distal Radius Fracture Treatments The distal (or lower end) radius is the most common site of fracture in the upper extremity. Distal radius fractures usually occur with a fall on an outstretched hand or sustain a severe force to the wrist, such as a fall or motor vehicle accident. For more complex or displaced fractures, surgical procedures are often required to restore movement to the wrist area. 

Finger Fractures Treatments There are three bones in each finger which can be prone to fracturing for a number of reasons. Most of the time these fractures are non-displaced and heal uneventfully with simple splint protection. For displaced or unstable fractures, or for those involving joints,  surgical pins, screws, or plates may be necessary to insure adequate alignment and minimize potential for development of arthritis.

Hook of Hamate Fracture Treatments The Hamate is a carpal bone located on the distal-ulnar side of the wrist. Fractures of the Hook of the Hamate may occur when an individual sustains a direct blow to the palm, such as a fall or object being held abuts sharply against the palm (such as a golf club, bat, tennis racket). The Hand & Wrist Center can provide diagnosis can be established based upon the history of injury, physical examination, confirmed with special radiographic studies, such as a CT Scan. Healing is difficult with this type of wound, therefore treatment, usually involves surgical excision and most patients return to all activities without significant residual.

Scaphoid Fracture Treatments Scaphoid is commonly fractured when one falls on an outstretched wrist. Most of these fractures may heal with cast immobilization although this may take several months or more serious injuries may need to be treated by surgery or reconstructed by our hand surgery professional to minimize pain and improve function.

The Hand & Wrist Center is able to provide a customized and premier diagnosis and treatment experience for hand and wrist fractures. Contact our center today for an appointment.